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A multiple use feline weight management aid for homes with a dog or multiple cats

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    AutoPet feeder / Oasis Faqs ]

    NekoFeeder FAQs

    Which size carrier do I buy?

    NekoFeeder Doors Require: Pet-Mate Medium Size Vari Kennel Ultra.
    Size: #21531
    - 28"L X 20.5"W X 21.5" H

    NOTE: We have heard that our door fits other manufacturers Pet Carriers. If you find that one does, please let us know. Thanks!

    Due to the large cost of shipping the pet carrier, we actually suggest purchasing the pet carrier from a local pet store and purchasing the NekoFeeder add-on door from us. This will save you a lot for shipping!

    How Does NekoFeeder Work?

    The system works by unlocking the door on the front of the space via a tag on the cat's collar. He or she can then open the door by pushing on it and entering the isolated space to eat. More than one cat may have access to one NekoFeeder.

    How Long Does It Take To Train My Cat?

    Your catís personality will determine how long he or she will take to get used to the NekoFeeder. However, even skittish cats should be using it normally within 2 weeks or so.

    The best way is to start in small steps: First leave the door open for a few days, then close the main door but leave the cat door open for a few more days, and finally close the cat door and gently encourage him or her to go in. Voila!

    What is the clicking sound I am always hearing when my cat is near the Nekofeeder

    The sound is the actuator inside the Cat Door locking and unlocking the door. When your cat or dog is near the door, the signal from the key on your pets collar is instructing the door to unlock. This is normal!

    Why does my cat need to be closer and closer to the Nekofeeder for it to unlock?

    The batteries in the collar key are probably in need of replacing. The collar key and Pet Door batteries last aprox. 10 - 12 months. The collar Key uses a standard button cell battery available at camera stores or your local Radio Shack.

    How can I print out flyers?

    Start by downloading the brochure here, print out page 1, flip over the paper and print out page 2. Next, fold in to thirds. That's it!

    Warranty Questions.

    I just bought my Nekofeeder but have a problem, who do I call?

    Each NekoFeeder component has it's own warranty and the company can be contacted Directly:

    If you have a problem with: Contact Phone # Notes Warranty Starts at
    Electronic / Non-electronic PET Door and Collar Key


    The collar key is not unlocking the door when my cat is near it.

    Pet Safe Inc



    They will help you troubleshoot problems related to the working of the Electronic or Non-Electronic Pet Door

    Time of Purchase for 1 year

    Pet Carrier
    (Regular and Deluxe)
    P.O Box 1246
    Arlington, Texas 76004-1246


    Consumer Services

    Replacement Parts

    Time of Purchase for 5 years

    NekoFeeder Plastic Door, Hinges, Latches NekoFeeder
    N/A Yet


    Consumer Services

    Replacement Parts

    Time of Purchase for 90 days

    AutoPet Feeder / Oasis Warranty/Return Questions .

    I just bought my AutoPet Feeder Or Oasis but have a problem, who do I call?

    For Technical Problems, Returns or Exchanges call AutoPet at 1-888-374-6797. They will help you resolve any issues you have with the Auto Feeder and Waterer systems.

    Contact us

    Phone: (802)264-6055
    Fax: (314)228-8622

    Ordering Information

    General Information About Ordering

    Payment Methods: Cash or Check when picked up or delivered. More options coming soon.
    Return Policy: Due to health reasons, we do not accept returns on NekoFeeder products (Door Systems and Carriers). However, warranty information is available above.
    Warranties: We will replace NekoFeeder specific (Plastic door and mounting hardware) defective materials in the first 90 days of purchase; The electronic (and non-electronic) door and/or carrier has it's own warranty right from time of purchase for which the company can be contacted directly.
    Canceling an Order: Once an order is placed, it can be cancelled only if it has not shipped yet.
    International Orders: We do not offer international shipping. We will look in to offering this sometime in the future!

    For Warranty Information see the FAQs page

      NekoFeeder's policy has traditionally been to not advertise on our site unless it is for a good cause. In this case, We have been giving to the North Shore Animal league for years. They travel around the US and rescue animals regardless of the situation, even from other shelters. Please click if you would like to help helpless pets!  
      North Shore Animal League America  

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