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A multiple use feline weight management aid for homes with a dog or multiple cats

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    Neko's Store


    (Older Model Shown)

    With the economic hard times, we've been able to keep our pricing the same until now. 2010 brings a small price increase. Thank you!

    NekoFeeder Regular (Locking Door)
    Please see important Purchasing, Shipping and other notes at the bottom of this page!


    Item Cost

    Purchase & Ship!

    Shipping Cost

    NekoFeeder Regular System 

     Complete NekoFeeder System
     (Tan Ultra Carrier & Door)


    Out of Stock

    Oversize item
    Ground only

    NekoFeeder Regular Door 

     NekoFeeder Ultra System, No carrier
     (Ultra Door and Door Mount)

    $177 .00

    Out of Stock


    NekoFeeder Lite (NON-Locking Door)
    Please see important Purchasing, Shipping and other notes at the bottom of this page!

    NekoFeeder Lite System 

    Complete NekoFeeder LITE System
     (Tan Ultra Carrier & Door)


    Out of Stock

    Oversize item
    Ground only

    NekoFeeder Lite Door Only 

     NekoFeeder LITE Door System, No carrier
     (Door Mount and NON-Locking Door)


    Out of Stock


    Additional / Replacement Parts

    Additional Electronic Door Lock Keys
    Specify in Checkout Notes
    Yellow or Blue

    $29 .00

    Out of Stock

    Specify Color of Key in Checkout Notes!


    Electronic Pet Door
    (White Locking Electronic Door with one Key)


    Out of Stock


    NON-Locking Pet Door
    (White Non-Locking Pet Door)


    Out of Stock


    Pet Carrier 

    Medium Size Ultra Pet Carrier
    (Tan in color)

    $75 .00

    Out of Stock

    Oversize Item
    Ground Only

    utoPetFeeder and AutoPet Oasis

    Auto Pet Feeder Small


    Out of Stock


    Auto Pet Feeder Medium


    Out of Stock


    Auto Pet Feeder Large

    $125 .99

    Out of Stock


    Auto Pet Oasis Small


    Out of Stock


    Auto Pet Oasis Medium


    Out of Stock


    Auto Pet Oasis Large


    Out of Stock


    Replacement Water Filters (2 Pack)


    Out of Stock


    Shipping Notes: All large items will be sent using UPS or FEDEX Ground. All others will be sent next fastest method above ground depending on your location. We hope to have custom shipping sometime later! Pricing is for delivery United State only - Hawaii and Alaska are extra, please email us.  Thanks!

    Returns Policy NekoFeeder Products:
    Please read our Returns Policy. Due to Health reasons, we do not accept returns on NekoFeeder Products (NekoFeeder Door Systems and carriers). However, we will replace NekoFeeder specific (Plastic door and mounting hardware) defective materials in the first 90 days of purchase; The electronic (and non-electronic) door and/or carrier has it's own warranty right from time of purchase for which the company can be contacted directly.

    Returns Policy AutoPet Feeder and Oasis: For Technical Problems, Returns or Exchanges call AutoPet at 1-888-374-6797. They will help you resolve any issues you have with the Auto Feeder and Waterer systems.

    Cost saving note:
    Although we do sell the carriers with the NekoFeeder Door System, the carriers are an oversized item and cost a lot to ship. We recommend that you purchase the pet carrier at your local pet store and the door system from us allowing you to save on Shipping costs! When ordering the door system, simply make a note of this in the comments field at checkout and we will email you back with the carrier model!

    Prices subject to 6% Vermont state sales tax, if sold in Vermont.

    If you are interested in reselling NekoFeeder wholesale pricing is available, Please email us.

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    Please note the new carriers are now white!

    Where can I get a NekoFeeder?
    Order Online at

    ** Shipping Available **

    Phone: (802) 264-6055
    (Sometimes we are on Ebay - Regular Auction, Ebay - Lite Auction)

    Veterinarians in Vermont

    Affectionately Cats
    1689 Church Hill Rd
    Charlotte, VT 05445

    ** No Shipping Available **

    Phone: (802) 425-MEOW (6369)

    More will be available soon!

    [ Neko_Store | Where_can_I_get_a_NekoFeeder? ]

      NekoFeeder's policy has traditionally been to not advertise on our site unless it is for a good cause. In this case, We have been giving to the North Shore Animal league for years. They travel around the US and rescue animals regardless of the situation, even from other shelters. Please click if you would like to help helpless pets!  
      North Shore Animal League America  

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