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 ** NekoFeeder Grand Opening!! **

This auction is for 1 NekoFeeder LITE NON-Locking (NO Controlled Access) Door Add-on for which you need to have or purchase your own specifically sized pet carrier.

This IS the NekoFeeder LITE version. See Description 2/3 way down this listing.

This picture shows what this auction is for.

What Is NekoFeeder?

The main purpose of NekoFeeder is to allow normal weight cats full access to food anytime for self-feeding of daily portioned or non-portioned food, while keeping overweight cats or cats with food allergies away from available food. This allows all cats’ meals to be regulated by the owner. There are other uses as well!

 NekoFeeder can:

·         Allow a portioned (or not) amount of food to be accessed only by authorized cats

·         Enable the owner to regulate both the overweight and normal weight cats meals

·         Keep dogs or other animals from eating your cat’s food (See if NekoFeeder Lite is for you!)

·         Give authorized cats a "private space" if there is tension with another cat or dog.

·         Be easily converted to a normal pet carrier and back to NekoFeeder in minutes.

·         Be used for small dogs

·         Keep dogs away from your kitty’s litter box

More facts:

·         Up to 4 NekoFeeders may be used with different keys per household. (Extra keys sold separately.)

·         Front access door can be opened easily for cleaning and food change.


How is the Nekofeeder door used?

The NekoFeeder Door is an add on for a traditional Pet Carrier which then allows authorized normal weight cats access to portioned (or not) food inside to feed, while keeping the overweight cat out so his/her meals can be regulated by the owner.

When unit is complete with your own carrier, this is what it would look like!

This is what NekoFeeder looks like in use!

From Our Veterinarian

“In our practice, most of our multi-cat households have one cat with dietary restrictions, such as being over-weight or having food allergies.

The NekoFeeder is the practical solution for controlling food intake without having to shut pets in separate rooms for feeding.

The owner can rest assured that caloric intake will be controlled, and foods that cause allergies will not be available.

The NekoFeeder would also keep a dog from cleaning out the littler box!”

 Denise Kessler, DVM, Affectionately Cats, Charlotte, Vermont


How Does NekoFeeder Work?

The system works by unlocking the door on the front of the space via a tag on the cat's collar. He or she can then open the door by pushing on it and entering the isolated space to eat. More than one cat may have access to one NekoFeeder.

what is Nekofeeder lite? (Check the top of this auction to see if this is the regular or lite version!)

NekoFeeder lite is a less expensive version that functions the same as a regular NekoFeeder except there is no access control. For this, the door does NOT lock and is open all the time. It is perfect if you have at least 1 cat and 1 dog and wish to keep your dog from eating the cats food or litterbox!

NekoFeeder Lite is perfect for:

  • Keeping dogs away from your cats food

  • Keeping dogs away from your cats litterbox

  • Giving your cat a private space from the dog

How Long Does It Take To Train My Cat?

Your cat’s personality will determine how long he or she will take to get used to the NekoFeeder. However, even skittish cats should be using it normally within two weeks or so.

The best way is to start in small steps: First leave the door open for a few days, then close the main door but leave the cat door open for a few more days, and finally close the cat door and gently encourage him or her to go in. Voila!

What kind of carrier do I buy?

The winner of the auction will be notified by email which carrier to purchase.

Important notes!

Returns Policy: Due to Health reasons, we do not accept returns on NekoFeeder Products (NekoFeeder Door Systems and carriers). However, we will replace any defective materials with in the first 30 days of purchase, after which individual warranties will apply.

Items you receive may be slightly different from the picture but will provide the same functionality as what is showen. Differences in color of the keys, decoration of door may be changed by the manufacturer at any time.

Why should I purchase my own carrier?

To save money! Although we do sell the carriers with the NekoFeeder Door System, the carriers are an oversized item and cost a lot to ship. We recommend that you purchase the pet carrier at your local pet store and the door system from us allowing you to save on Shipping costs! When ordering the door system, simply make a note of this in the comments field at checkout and we will email you back with the carrier model!


  NekoFeeder's policy has traditionally been to not advertise on our site unless it is for a good cause. In this case, We have been giving to the North Shore Animal league for years. They travel around the US and rescue animals regardless of the situation, even from other shelters. Please click if you would like to help helpless pets!  
  North Shore Animal League America  

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