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  •  Pet Oasis
    The Pet Oasis comes in a Small, Medium and Large Size
    Size Capacity For Pets Weighing
    Small 2 Gallons Under 15lbs
    Medium 3 Gallons 15 - 40lbs
    Large 5 Gallons Over 40lbs

    Pet Oasis

    Filtered Pet Waterer Features :

    • Available in 2, 3 or 5 gallon versions.
    • It keeps pets hydrated well and healthy.
    • This is Veterinarian and UL approved product.
    • Pet waterer or the pet water dispenser reduces the chances of your pet getting Urinary tract diseases.
    • Our pet waterer provides clean oxygenated water for your dog and cat health.
    • Pet waterer provides Sparkling crystal clear fresh water.

  • Pet waterer filter provides clean water so pets drink more fresh water.
  • Our pet bowl has high capacity storage unlike other pet waterer in the market.
  • Forced aeration (forced induction of air into water) reduces pet saliva contamination in our fresh pet waterer. Patented system does not depend on water splatter to induce Oxygen in the water.
  • Inexpensive water filter.
  • Replaceable eight layer water filter.
  • Pet waterer has an easy fill valve, which makes it versatile.
  • The pet waterer with its water filter provides clean water, which encourages pets to drink more.
  • Easy dual carry handles is an other great feature in our pet waterer - pet bowls
  • Filtered Pet Waterer benefits :

    • Our pet waterer has a whisper quiet UL Approved pump system.
    • Low voltage transformer is used for pet safety on our water waterer.
    • The pet waterer has an Ergonomically designed dual handle bottle for convenient filling up and transporting.
    • Anti Spill check valve helps during refilling of our water waterer.
    • Our water filter has Eight Layers.
    • Our Waterer has Activated Carbon to remove odors similar to water filters found in homes for drinking water.
    • Forced aeration system on our waterer along with our eight stage water filter enables precipitation of dissolved solids.
    • No Splatter Trough is another great feature on our automatic pet watering bowls

    What is in the Filter? 

    8 Layer Filter - Specifications  

    Layer 1 Nylon mesh filter 1 mm square mesh to trap solids.
    Layer 2  

    This layer consists of small ceramic balls, which effectively filters out heavy metals from the water. This is the primary layer, which enables the water to be more bioactive and hence precipitate the dissolved solids while passing through the activated carbon layer. The ceramic balls contain the following elements.     

    Composition Sintered Iron SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 TiO2 CaO MgO K2O Na2O ZnO Total
    % Content 0.84 58.67 9.85 1.37 0.18 22.92 0.46 2.67 2.76 0.28 100


    Layer 3 Nylon mesh filter 1 mm square mesh to trap solids
    Layer 4 This layer consists of activated carbon with silver ions to enable reduction of chlorine and remove any odors. This layer also enables precipitation of dissolved solids
    Layer 5 Nylon mesh filter 1 mm square mesh to trap solids
    Layer 6 This stone filter element traps all precipitated solids and solids entering the filter from the inlet. The water is clean when the water exits this element
    Layer 7 Nylon mesh filter 1 mm square mesh to trap solids
    Layer 8 his is a secondary layer of large ceramic balls to enable the water to be more bioactive after the activated carbon layer and stone filter has have done their functions. The water passing through this layer makes the water bioactive and with the air pumped along with the water increases the oxygen content and hence makes the water taste better and healthier. This reduces the formation of algae and keeps the water fresh. These balls also contain the same elements as in layer 2

    ** Here is some more information directly from the Manufacturer **

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I use the Pet waterer for cats and dogs?

    You can feed cats, dogs, ferrets, pigs and any pet that drinks water on a regular basis.


    2.What size Pet waterer should I purchase?

    The small pet waterer is recommended for pets who weigh less than 15 lbs. The medium pet waterer is recommended for pets who weigh greater than 15 lbs. and less than 40 lbs. The large pet waterer is recommended for pets who weigh greater than 40 lbs.


    3. How much water can I store in the Pet waterer?

    You can store approximately 5 gallons of water in the larger model and 3 gallons in the medium and 2 gallons in the small model.


    4. What kind of water can I put in the Pet waterer?

    You can put regular tap water that you drink in the Pet waterer.


    5. How long will the water last my pet?

    The water in the pet waterer should last at least a week to two weeks depending on how much your pet drinks. Estimate the drinking needs of the pet and the get the size that will last him/her for about 2 weeks.


    6. Is there a filter in the pet waterer?

    Yes there is 8 layer filter in the pet waterer. This is one of a kind of filter that is available in the market. This filter purifies the water and cleans the water of contamination.


    7. Does the pet waterer have pump?

    There is a low voltage pump setup inside the pet waterer. This pump runs continuously.


    8. How does the pet waterer work?

    The water from the bowl is drawn through the hole in the bowl and then through the body to the pump. The pump then injects air into the water and pumps it to the filter. The filter then filters, cleans the water and removes all odors. The water is then recirculated from the filter to the bowl.


    9. Will the water stay clean?

    It's quite natural for pets to drink little at a time and that is why this patented system. The combination of forced aeration and filteration keeps the water clean. Even the pet saliva is processed to keep the bowl from forming algae. This is unlike any other filteration system in the market. The filter in the pet waterer consists of materials such as activated carbon, stone granules and ceramic balls. The water from the filter is as good as water that we drink fresh from the tap. If you find any odors in the water, we will take back the product.


    10. How often do I have to replace the filters?

    It is recommended that the pet waterer filters be replaced at least once in 10 weeks. However, the life of the filter can range from three weeks to 10 weeks. The filter life is dependent on your pet. Also make sure that you clean the pre filter in the body every week. This will make the filter last longer.

    The more contamination the pet puts into the bowl, such as hair, food particles etc., the lower the life of the filter. Consider that if the filter is dirty then the pet waterer is not cleaning the water as good as it did before the filter was clean. If the filter lasted for months, then the possibility is that either the pet never contaminated the water (quite unlikely) or the filter passes all the contamination over to the bowl for the pet to drink during the next cycle. Which do you choose, replace filters? Or have contaminated water that can facilitate algae growth?


    11. Can I reuse the filter?

    Unlike other filters that have to be disposed, some times it is possible that the waterer filter can be recycled for a few more weeks. If the filter is washed, back flushed and rinsed in hot water every week or when the water is refilled in the pet waterer storage container, the filter life can be extended.


    12.What materials are used in the construction of the Pet waterer?

    All components in the feeder is made of rubber and plastic.


    13. How do I clean the pet waterer?

    Make sure the pump is unplugged from the transformer. Take out the water storage container from the pet waterer. Wash and rinse the bowl and body together in a kitchen sink. You can use mild soap like dish washing detergent to wash the insides of the bowl and body. Make sure that you rinse well, (do not leave any soap residue in the unit) for your pet is going to be drinking out of this appliance. Make sure that you clean the filter and the filter chamber. Place the body/bowl on a level floor and refill the storage container. Center the storage container in the middle of the body and place the bottle into the body. As the bottle rests in place, water will start flowing into the bowl. Plug the pump into the transformer and you are done.


    14. Does the Filtered Pet Waterer make any noise?

    The Filtered Pet Waterer has been designed with a semi-submersible whisper quite pump. There is no sound except for a quite hum, that cannot be heard as much as felt by hand.


    15. Why does the pump making a noise?

    The Auto pet waterer has been designed with a semi-submersible whisper quite pump. If the Auto pet waterer does not have any water in the bowl the pump could possibly make a significant noise to disturb your pet. This is a warning for the pet owner to refill the storage bottle. If the noise is persistent even with the bowl with 3/4 inch of water then rotate the air suction cap on the motor to reduce this noise.

    (Round cap with small tube sticking up in the air) This noise may be generated due to too much air being sucked in. If this does not solve the problem then there is something wrong with the pump. Please call us for a replacement unit or pump.


    16. Why does my Filtered Pet Waterer have a water level greater than 3/4 inch in the bowl?

    The Auto pet waterer has been designed to maintain 1/2 to 3/4 inch water level in the bowl. If the water level in the storage container is very low the check valve will not function, because there is not enough water pressure in the storage container. This will cause the water level in the bowl to increase. Fill up the storage container with water and this should solve the problem.

    17. Why is the water overflowing over the lip of the bowl over to the floor?

    The Auto pet waterer has been designed with a check valve and bottle (combination) that maintains the water height within 3/4 to 1/2 inch water level in the bowl. If this check valve or bottle fails (leaks) then the water will over flow the bowl and spill on the floor. Lift the bottle out of the pet waterer and see:

    1. If the water drips from outside ring of the valve, tighten the valve. If this does not work, replace the gasket for the valve. (Spares provided under the bowl).

    2. If the leak is from the center of the valve then the check valve seal is loose or not working. See if you can put the seal in place.

    3. If there is a hissing sound from the bottle or if the bottle is leaking externally call us to get a replacement if under warranty. You may also purchase the entire bottle or valve on our web site.

    18. Why is there water over the floor when the water level in bowl is less than 3/4 inch?

    The are two possible reasons for this.

    1.Turn off the pump and see if the leak persists. If the leak has stopped then check if the flow tube

    (Half moon shaped piece part # 12 see operating/assembly instructions) is installed in the Waterer. If this is not installed and or lost please call us to get a replacement if under warranty.

    2.Turn off the pump and see if the leak persists. If the Waterer continues to leak then the possibility is that the seals installed on the bowl prior to assembling the bowl to the body was not installed properly.

    Take out the storage container and lift the body/bowl combination up to see if there is a water leak between the bowl and body. If so take the bowl apart from the body (see operating /assembly instructions). Replace the O-rings on the bowl (spares provided below the bowl) apply a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on the O-rings and assemble the bowl and body back together. If you do not have any O-rings please call us to get a replacement if under warranty..

    19. What is power of the pump in the Filtered Pet Waterer?

    The Filtered Pet Waterer has a 2 watts pump.

    20. Is the Filtered Pet Waterer pump UL approved?

    The Filtered Pet Waterer pump is UL and CUL approved.


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