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A multiple use feline weight management aid for homes with a dog or multiple cats

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  •   News More Veterinarians are starting to recommend NekoFeeder as a good option for multiple cat house holds with at least one overweight cat. Here is one article that shows that NekoFeeder is gaining recognition with Veterinarians.

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    Best used for / Features

      NekoFeeder Complete
    (Regular or Lite)

    Regular Version offers separations of feeding by allowing 1 or more cats with electronic collar key to enter, keeping overweight cat from entering. Features a locking door.

    Lite Version is the same but with no locking door or collar key.
    NekoFeeder Complete

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    • Multi-Cat homes with at least one overweight and one normal weight cat (OR one cat on a special diet)
    • Homes with at least one cat and one dog to keep dog from eating kitty's food (Or litter box!)
    • Regular Version features a locking door activated by key on kitty's collar
    • Lite Version
    • Up to 2 Neko Feeders / Home
    • Can buy extra keys to allow more than one cat access to same Feeder
    • Converts from NekoFeeder to carrier and back again in seconds!

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    NekoFeeder Door addon
    No Carrier
    (Regular or Lite)

    Regular and lite Version Same as above when you add your own carrier. (Must be specific carrier).
    NekoFeeder Regular Door

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        AutoPet Products
      Auto Pet Feeder
    (Small, Medium, Large)
    Oasis Small
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    • Cleans water via changeable filter
    • Cats are attracted to running water and usually drink more because it's fresh
    • Replacement Filter should be changed every 30 - 60 days (See last item on this list)
    • Comes in 2,3 and 5 Gallon models

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      Auto Pet Feeder
    (Small, Medium, Large)
    Auto Pet Feeder Small
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    • Dispenses food by using a digital timer that you set
    • 8 Different Dispense times each can have different days

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      Auto Pet Feeder and Oasis Combo
    (Small, Medium, Large)
    10% Savings
    • Comes with 1 Auto Feeder and 1 Oasis Waterer
    • See Features of each above

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      Oasis Replacement Filters (2 Pack) Oasis Replacement Filter 2 Pack
    • Oasis Filters should be changed every 30 - 60 Days
    • Fits Oasis Small, Medium and Large

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    Neko means "Cat" in Japanese



    Neko means "Cat" in Japanese

      NekoFeeder's policy has traditionally been to not advertise on our site unless it is for a good cause. In this case, We have been giving to the North Shore Animal league for years. They travel around the US and rescue animals regardless of the situation, even from other shelters. Please click if you would like to help helpless pets!  
      North Shore Animal League America  

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